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Magic Vocal Remover is software that allows us to remove the voice of MP3 songs.

There are many ways and programs to let us sing our favorite songs using Karaoke style. The most common is to search on Internet and download files .kar, which are file containing the music and lyrics from songs. These .kar files contain audio in MIDI format, which can be a problem in some cases, since the resulting MIDI files music depends on computeer's sound card or the sound "fonts" that we have configured. If our PC has a good setup, we get a good sound and music with the files .kar. Even so, it is possible that not find the song we want in .kar format, so we can not sing this song at Karaoke.

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Magic Vocal Remover promises us to eliminate the voices of the MP3 songs, so we don't need to search for songs in format .kar. We can use any mp3 song without any problems. The use is as simple as choosing the song which we want to remove the voices, and choose the name of the file where we want to save the new version containing only the melody. If there are voice's echoes of the singer in some songs, this software will try to minimize echoes, letting the song clean of any trace of vocal sound.

We can now sing in Karaoke any of our favorite songs, we only need to find the lyrics of the songs and use Magic Vocal Remover to remove the voices.

The program is paid and you can download the demo that is limited and only removes the voice of the first 30 seconds of the song. If results convince you, you can buy the license required to use the program without limitations.

by Augusto Baldi

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