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Mafia City by YottaGames is a mobile strategy game. It includes elements such as gang wars and resource management. The game's goal is to become the boss of a powerful gang that aims to overthrow rival gangs and take control of the casinos and businesses. It is about who can control the city's most powerful gang.

Your army is composed of gunmen, thugs, and secretaries waiting for your orders. To protect them, you can place them in any location that is within your control. From your base, you can recruit brawlers or bikers. Mafia City also offers a home-building program where you can quickly place and upgrade new buildings to receive additional perks, manpower, and resources.

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You can have fun with beautiful girls if all the fighting and management have worn you down. You can interact with many beautiful girls in-game and have fun playing games with them. After a small conversation, you can recruit new girls. They'll be waiting for you at the pool in short dresses to impress you.

While a fun game with good graphics and 2D design, Mafia City is not great. Don't let the advertisements and game posters fool you. It is nothing like that.


  • Be the boss of fierce gangs
  • Race to be the Godfather
  • Your base can be built and upgraded
  • To build an army, recruit gangsters
  • Other places can be attacked, captured, and looted
  • Hot girls are waiting to be interacted with
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    How to PLAY Mafia City on PC

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