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Lost Labyrinth is an adventure game, developed in a quite imaginative and imaginary, full atmosphere with monsters, charms, monsters and treasures.

This amusing video game offers a great quantity and variety ways for user’s customization. Although the graphs of Lost Labyrinth are not its main quality, this video game maintains a quite extensive and amusing story, in which you can have several hours of amusement arriving at a high addiction level.

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Mostly, you will begin in a dungeon with a zenithal light hardly lighting the character chosen by you. Your goal is to find the way out to continue with the adventure, however it won't be so easy, since you will face monsters of the darkness with different powers.

Before beginning the game in Lost Labyrinth, you will be able to choose between more than 50 (fifty) different avatars, assigning your character a great number of attributes divided in categories like magic, bow, shade, sword, etc. once you finish choosing all the features you will be able to begin the adventure of Lost Labyrinth observing your character from the high.

In short, the possibilities and alternatives of game, plus the adventure that waits for you in Lost Labyrinth, will be a perfect excuse to have hours of amusement and entertainment in front of your computer, in quite a mythological and fantastic way.

by Augusto Baldi

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