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Lords Mobile, a real-time strategy game that is war-based, lets you control various kingdoms and compete with each other. Each kingdom vies for control of the throne. The empire was disintegrated upon the death of the first Emperor. The world is in chaos, and you are the only person who can bring all the guilds together under one banner.

You can command an army of heroes to fight for you. The key to success is a strategic use of each hero’s special abilities. Lords Mobile has a competitive combat mode you can use across the world to take down monsters.

You can also attack other players' headquarters in online PvP battle mode to get loot resources. In case of an attack, raid, or invasion of another kingdom, you can ally with other warlords.

In addition to all this, you must manage your kingdom's affairs by creating industries, farms and maintaining a healthy population. Lords Mobile provides players with all the essential elements of a real kingdom and allows them to experience the age-old empire.


  • There are many characters with special abilities.
  • For dominance, battle online with other players
  • Raid, loot, and form alliances with other kingdoms
  • Besiege all monsters in your kingdom
  • You can build and manage your castle
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    How to PLAY Lords Mobile on PC

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