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      Lord of Heroes is a role-playing video game in which we take control of the monarch of a kingdom threatened by the conspiracy of his friends. We will work together to rebuild the nation and eliminate any threats to it. We will not only save the world from evil but also make our kingdom a better place. However, we won't be in control of the monarchy.

      You will be able to customize your character by selecting from a few editing options, such as hair color or eye color. After that, you will be introduced to three knights with which to begin the adventure. You will unlock more knights as you progress. These characters are the most fun part of the game. Each one has its own design and can be customized with different elements like clothes or weapons. We will be facing hordes of monsters using the turn-based combat system.

      We can pick which of our characters will attack us and each character's useful skills and abilities. Additionally, we can monitor the special bar, which will change depending on how much damage we take or how successful we are at achieving the final attacks. You can also travel to other countries and fight the monsters until you have overthrown all of them. They will become valuable resources, whether they join the trip or become merchants.

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          How to PLAY Lord of Heroes on PC

          Download Lord of Heroes on PC How to have fun with Lord of Heroes on PC and the way it runs? That's genuinely the main matter asked about by a...