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Little Fighter 2 is a no cost fight game for Windows that continues with the sequence begun with Little Fighter 1. Four people can play per team, and with the on line game option or with the controlled by the computer opponents, up to eight different characters can participate.

To play Little Fighter 2, you can use your keyboard and to displace the character with the direction keys (up, right, below, left). The defense bottoms, jump and attack are used to carry out some of the mentioned actions. Each character has special attacks that are activated by pressing a specific combination of keys, if you reach the necessary "manna".

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When attacking an opponent, this one loses points of health. But with certain frequency some bottles of beer or milk falls and by drinking them, they get back the lost health or the "manna." Several weapons of different type can also be used, such as knives, baseball balls, bats, boomerangs and more.

With Little Fighter 2 you will be able to play in several different ways, where the player can fight freely against the computer, advance in fights of more level, to play in team or to see fights among characters controlled by the program, without participating in them.

The three levels of difficulty of Little Fighter 2 available from the beginning of the game are: Easy, Normal and Difficult. As additional trick, introducing the appropriate code, a new level is activated with more complexity.

By downloading a complement for the game, Little Fighter 2 gets connected to other computers and it offers you the possibility of fighting with other people using their IP address. Do you cheer up?

by Augusto Baldi

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