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League of Pantheons is a role-playing strategy game where you can fight and collect more than 100 heroes from prestigious mythologies such as Greek, Nordic, Japanese, Egyptian, and others.

To start playing, we must link a session account; this will serve to give us a character that we will be part of, and so we can get access to the guide of how it works, how to move on the battlefield, and a basic idea of how we should form our team to defeat the enemy warriors.

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The game is very entertaining since it offers us a great variety of game modes, such as the main one, better known as the story mode, where you will have long battles with a great nature background, and for each victory, you will receive new gems. The multiplayer mode, or cross-server, is created with the sole objective that we have several ways to get rewards, which is greatly appreciated.

The most interesting is that it allows us to save replays of our battles, and we can share them on our social networks.

As for the characters, League of Pantheons offers us a great variety of unique designs. Likewise, these are classified by class as S+, the class above S, where you have practically mastered the highest and strongest level of all. Class A comprises all the good warriors, and class B, where you will generally find those of average level. And finally, class C, the lowest class of your warriors, will cost you a lot to improve their skills and statistics for combat.

The Good

The graphics are well-detailed.

The user interface is fun since it lets us interact with our characters.

Finally, a game of this category without those annoying ads, and have one of the most incredible experiences without interruptions.

The Bad

It becomes a little difficult to understand at the beginning since you get various options that are not easily understood.

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    How to PLAY League of Pantheons on PC

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