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League of Legends is a fantasy and combat video game in real time that will provide us hours of free entertainment.

This online video game has a little bit complex installation due to its great manageability potential. League of Legends needs you create an account in its main page to be able to be registered in its database and this way you can be a user or player of this adventure in real time.

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In the beginning you will have to access your account and once enter, you will receive a tutorial of the game to know all games alternatives, tactical, powers, players, etc. Like many video games of this category (online), League of Legends has chat rooms so that you can conform your game group or know new players and this way enjoy in group all benefits offered by this video game.

The graphs of the game are excellent, obviously anything to make noise about, since it is an online game, but anyway it is necessary to stand out its characteristics.In the adventure journey, you will have to develop your character's abilities, increasing the level and combating against your opponents. The strategy is a primordial key when going up the levels.

To know all the characteristics and qualities of League of Legends, the best thing is to play and know a magic world of legends, perfect for hours of online entertainment to enjoy.

by Augusto Baldi

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