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XBMC is a multimedia files player, totally gratuitous, multiplatform and of open code.

Available for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows systems as well as for the games Xbox, XBMC console, has been translated to more than 30 languages, and all their versions are absolutely free of undesired publicity or spy programs.

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XBMC settles easily, and it has several user interfaces to choose. All they are browsed in an intuitive and simple way.

When beginning the program for the first time, you will already be able to open a wide variety of files multimedia and images with different formats, including the necessary codecs.

XBMC can also reproduce directly movies from its ISO or IMG image, even if they are compressed in a RAR. For music, the program can add a great variety of sound effects and in case of the images, it also offers different visualization options.

With XBMC you will be able to create a video base and consult it according to different parameters, for example the gender, title, year, actors and directors, etc. In a similar way, music's library also allows you to organize all your audio files according to the information stored in each disk.

by Augusto Baldi

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