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Kingdom Maker is a massively multiplayer online game where your main goal is to design your empire in medieval times. Get epic battles to extend your kingdom, ask for rewards for your slaves, create your characters, have fun with your friends and form an alliance. These are some important things we can highlight in this type of game.

It should be noted that this game is designed by the company Global WorldWide, which does not have much experience in creating this type of game, but due to its great success in the world of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and innovation to create a better world, has decided to bet also in the world of video games to instill through this, the revolution of taking care of our own world and why not, solve global challenges and implement them for the good of our planet.

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When you start the game, you come across a castle totally destroyed by creatures called Orcs and a few survivors who will talk to you, and in this interaction, you have to describe yourself and design your character.

Another interesting aspect is that lately, games are implementing the option to court a couple and, thus, obtain heirs for your kingdom, but do not forget that if you want to be number one, you must strengthen your kingdom by completing the quests and tasks that the game shows us.

Once you complete these missions, you will be able to improve some places destroyed by the orcs. You will gain experience and level up until you can form an alliance. These alliances are very important since you can ask for help if someone is attacking you and you need some reinforcements.

The Good

The graphics are of good quality, and the design of the characters, as well as the fantasy world, will make you feel as if you were in the medieval era.

The Bad

Despite being a free game, like any game, if you want to increase your territories, get unique items for your world, weapons, and shields, and strengthen your kingdom much faster, you must use the option to pay to win.

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