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Kingdom Guard is a strategy game in which you must protect your fortress from invading monsters. Your objective is to form a group of warriors, using your best heroes, who will be in charge of fighting against all the enemies.

When you start the game, you will be shown a vast territory with buildings where you will begin to develop your kingdom. As for the game settings, there are several controls scattered on the interface, where you will find the current level and power of your attack forces, and at the bottom are the main buttons to go from one kingdom to another; see the profile of your heroes, the stages achieved and to be completed, along with the world map to explore new horizons.

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Within the game, you will be able to choose between 39 different heroes, classified into four types of classes, among them the SSR (they have five skills), the SR (they have four skills), the R (they have three skills) and the N (they have two skills).

There are four types of heroes:

  • Poison, this type of hero, carries goblins as companions.
  • Fire, this hero brings fire mages as companions.
  • Ice, this hero, has with him ice mages as companions.
  • Archers this hero takes with him archers as companions.

The reward system is obtained by completing missions or tasks, where you can get gold, gems, recruitment tickets, action points, experience books, chests, fragments of skills for your heroes, and dragon runes, among others.

Another important fact is that we can get in-game dragons, which can help us protect our fortress. However, each battle squad can only carry one dragon.

The in-game dragons are obtained with the dragon runes, which are obtained by completing the in-game missions, and also give us the possibility of equipping our dragon with immortal, demonic, Jade, or Azure of love armor.

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