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Ketarin is a gratuitous program of free download that will verify if there are new versions of the programs that we have installed in our computer.

With only filling a small form that includes the name, download link, category and destination directory where we have harboured the program, Ketarin will locate via internet if exists some type of available upgrade.

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We have two options as for upgrades activation:

  • Manual activation by means of the search of the file of the program in our computer, including all the data of the program.
  • Automatic activation of upgrades every time that we execute the program. Ketarin will execute quietly every time that Windows starts and we won't realize its existence until, when we execute a program that requires upgrade, it will send us a small sound and visual alarm that offers us the possibility to upgrade one or more programs.

It has a simple and intuitive interface where it organizes all the necessary articles to have the entire information possible about the programs that we have added: Category, last upgrade date, download progress and program’s name.

With Ketarin, the security is something very important: With a data encrypting and an integrated antivirus, the privacy and the security are guaranteed.

by Augusto Baldi

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