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Kega Fusion is a multi-system emulator that emulates classic video game consoles from SEGA.

Currently, the video game company Sega only develops video games, but during the decade of the 80s and 90s it also produced video game consoles. Being the biggest competitor of Nintendo in the market of video games and video game consoles. Without a doubt, during the years in which Sega and Nintendo kept up the struggle for the market of game consoles, they developed great titles and very good machines. Without a doubt, that was a golden era for the video games world.

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Today we can enjoy the titles of these consoles, thanks to the emulation of Sega systems. With Kega Fusion we will be able to enjoy the emulation of: Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Mega Drive, 32X and Sega CD. All these systems can be emulated from this program, without having to add any plugin or setup any additional settings.

To start playing we should select video game console and game's ROM that we're going to play. With this simple step we will be able to play the video game selected.

Fusion offers options and advantages that we would not have if we were playing on the original system:

  • Save/Retrieve status: this option allows us to save the game at any time, so we won't have to wait for the game to show us the option to save, because pressing the “F5” key will save the game at that moment. This option makes to finish the games easier, and for those gamers with limited time, makes it possible to be able to play video games that originally offer to save the game after a long period of time.
  • Support for “Game Genie: this allows us to enter a series of codes to cheat video games and get certain advantages, such as: infinite lives, invincibility, jump to any level, etc. “Game Genie” was a device that was connected at the bottom of the game cartridges and was introduced into the slot of the video game console.
  • Network play: the emulator allows us to play online between two computers. The configuration is simple, a computer will be the host and other one the client. In this way we will be able to enjoy the wonderful two player games that are available in the catalog of Mega Drive/Genesis, with any friend that has a connection to the Internet. We do not need to install any program or additional plug-in to enjoy playing the game Online.
  • Video Plugins: with these plug-ins are the image will be enhanced. It is achieved by improving the original graphics of the console. We must download the file that contains the video plug-ins from the official website.
  • Pause the emulation: we can pause the game at any time, even in the cinematics, which could not be paused in the original video game.

We can use the emulator with a joystick or with a keyboard. In the settings menu we can define the keys and buttons that we are going to use to control the games. In the case of Sega CD we will be able to use the mouse in those games where we have to aim and shoot the enemies.

About Sega CD, we can select CD reading speed from 1x to 8x.

If we want to record a video, we can do it directly from the emulator, as it allows us to record our gameplay in .avi format.

Moreover, it also allows us to take screenshots and record the sound of the games in wav format. We can do that without the need to install any additional components.

In main menu we will have a video games list that we have played recently, so we will be able to quickly access our most played video games.

When the emulator starts is simulates the noise effect of old television, so we should not be afraid and think that the program has been broken.

This program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, so we will be able to emulate our favorite Sega “retro” video games consoles in any PC.

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