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KeepVault is a program for backing up your computer and maintaining all files protected.

To download KeepVault you must first register on its website and receive a PIN to run the program on your computer to the e-mail address you mentioned in your register process. Once KeepVault is installed you should chose what you want to save.

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KeepVault put together the files into 4 groups: photos, music, video and documents. Once you start the program you must choose which of these files you want to copy: the files of images, music, video, documents or all 4 qualifications.

You will also be able to edit each of the categories and decide which file formats you wish to include in each. In other words, you can click and decide that all files with JPG, for example, are included in Images or the all AI files are considered Documents.

Copies made by KeepVault can be stored in an external device such as an external hard drive or a USB memory, or on their servers.

While working with other programs, KeepVault will do it on the background and notify you if there is any impact when making copies. It is a simple and easy to use program that will give you peace of mind protecting your files and saving important information for you.

by Augusto Baldi

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