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Kaldin is software for creating exam and test of any matter or course.

With this software we can create tests type exams in a simple and quick way. We can install it on a local network, on the Internet or make use of the online service offered by the software developers. Once you have installed the software you can start creating tests and exams. By default the program comes with a comprehensive database with questions already existing to use in the test. These questions are categorized and are in English. Obviously we can create our own questions and answers. When defining a question, we can choose if it is a single answer or multiple choices answer and specify the correct answer.

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When we created a test we must define the duration time, the number of questions, score per question answered correctly, the negative score in case the user answers incorrectly and the minimum score to pass the exam. Once we've created the exam we have the option to schedule it to a specific date, invite certain users and notify them by email. When a user completes the exam, the results will be emailed to him automatically with the exam's results. We will be able to analyse the results of the tests individually or by category.

We can add users manually or they can register using the web form. For that, they must have to access our network, or we can use Kaldin's online service.

This is a great tool for colleges, universities, driving schools or companies that want to test candidates.

by Augusto Baldi

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