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jMonkeyEngine is an opensource software to develop three-dimension videogames.

jMonkeyEngine is download free and easy to install. It turns to be a strong and complete graphic engine to create characters and 3D scenes, as well as inserting these characters in videogames or game designing from scratch. It is written in Java language and it can also change games already devised.

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It is convenient to read and check the jMonkeyEngine tutorial because it is not easy if you have never handled this kind of program. The graphic interface is structured as a node tree, where each of its branches contains other nodes at the same time, and so may it continue branching. This facilitates the work organization to create characters, screens and the general architecture of the game.

When installing jMonkeyEngine, a number of examples are added to the computer, which helps to know how this program works. This application allows configuring keyboard shortcuts according to the user's taste and comfort.

jMonkeyEngine is free, multiplatform and constitutes the ideal program if your interest is to experience creating characters and designing 3D games. It is oriented to game developers, but if you dare to try it you just have to download it from the official website and experiment with it.

by Augusto Baldi

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