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JFShadowWarrior is a shooter video game based on ninjas.

Actually, JFShadowWarrior is strictly a port that allows increasing the resolution and improving the graphic quality of the Shadow Warrior game.

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The game is set in a world of ninjas: Lo Wang is a killer ninja who, despite being quite young, is a shadow warrior. In Japan, every company had a guardian, a negotiator, someone always on the look for danger: a shadow warrior.

Lo Wang worked for a business conglomerate, Zilla that was in charge of running all the main companies. By having so much power, it became corrupted and so Lo Wang discovered Zilla’s corporation evil plan against the Japanese government: to destroy it by bringing creatures from the dark side.

Lo Wang is a man of honor so he steps aside, but in JFShadowWarrior, Zilla considers you are either with it or against it, so Zilla decides to hunt down the shadow warrior Lo Wang.

JFShadowWarrior allows up to 8 simultaneous players. This game is recommended for all fans of shooter games and for those who want an Eastern war setting to entertain themselves playing.

by Augusto Baldi

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