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JAWS is a software that helps people with visual deficiency, or blind people, since this product offers a screen reader so that the handling and manipulation of the computer are easier and present as a virtual integration opportunity.

JAWS purpose is making handling computers which work with Windows easier to people with some visual deficiency, so that this tool turns into a sound screen so that people can work with it without needing to see it.

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IF some relative or friend that has any problem or difficulty to see wants to use the computer, for labor or distraction purposes, the perfect solution to their problem is JAWS.

This software doesn’t present many limitations; it works with distinct files, is changeable and even plays Adobe Flash Player animations. JAWS could be described as a benefits tool, without exceptions, since there are few programs or softwares that offer this kind of services, open doors and provide opportunities to this tiny population that has this visual problem, it is simply a masterpiece.

JAWS, a software made to visual deficiency, with great benefits that for sure will leave you thankful and satisfied.

by Augusto Baldi

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