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iTuner is a practical tool to play audio, in cases iTunes’ interface seems a little bit complicated or uncomfortable for you.

This useful application will allow you to have an easier, most classic and general manipulation as any player, minimizing the entire iTunes window to offer exclusively the necessary player options as “Play”, “Pause”, “Next”, sound management, qualifying, etc.

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iTuner’s reduced interface size, makes it a more comfortable and practical tool, which will show you all information necessary about what you are playing without needing to occupy your entire computer screen.

IF you wish to do some more complex task, as selecting a play list, eliminating links to absent songs, or adjusting the equalizer, it won’t be necessary to unfold iTunes interface that besides of offering the most basic options, is not a problem so that iTuner can accomplish those kinds of tasks.

iTuner counts with basic and advanced options which is something unexpected to such a small tool. You will really like the options offered by iTunes once they are running.

Simple, complete in its functions, small and elegant are the features that make iTuner a outstanding tool when playing music in the most basic and simple way.

by Augusto Baldi

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