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inSSIDer is an application dedicated to detect WiFi connections that could be around our computer, giving us very important info.

With inSSIDer it will be possible to know which WiFi or GPS connections are around our computer, that can go from 2 Ghz until 5 Ghz and which can be very useful inclusively to compare with our connection, something that could help us to know other users incidence compared to ours.

inSSIDer screenshot

The data shown in inSSIDer as results are very useful since we will be able to know which WiFi connections are free or don´t have a password or safety, and also recognize your MAC address. Something interesting is that you could see the WiFi geographic position, something that could be used in Google Earth to locate where these connections come from.

InSSIDer is compatible to lot of WiFi cards, internal or external. So, with inSSIDer we will be able to know how is the speed and quality or our WiFi connection if compared with the ones that are around us.

by Augusto Baldi

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