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      Infinity kingdom is an online strategy game. We will play the role of the lord in a Norheim land, where we will be fighting against the evil gnomes. We will need to defend the land and protect ourselves against attacks from other players. You can rebuild and improve the city as you play. Each building serves a different purpose, such as for food production or to heal troops. It will take longer for buildings to be upgraded.

      There are many types of troops available, including private soldiers, knights on horseback, and archers. The most fascinating troops are, undoubtedly, immortal heroes. They are historical figures in the history and culture of Infinity Kingdom. You can summon an immortal and then improve their skills with "fragments". Each immortal is unique, and each belongs to a specific type of element. These troops are the most crucial because they can alter the outcome of any combat. The game automatically detects who wins when you attack mercenaries and gnomes on the map.

      You can also deploy your army in other game modes. These will automatically fight one another; you cannot control when you use the skills and abilities of the immortals.

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          How to PLAY Infinity Kingdom on PC

          Download Infinity Kingdom on PC How to run Infinity Kingdom on a computer, and the way it is possible? That's true all the concern requested by a lot of people...