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Role-playing games are increasingly flooding the world of gamers, so show them that you are the best of them all.

Infinite Magicraid is a role-playing game, which basically consists of a five vs. five fight, so you will have to establish a good team of characters (Heroes) who have unique abilities that you will have to discover while you play.

An important aspect is that this game brings with it a story mode, where you will have to defeat the minions and reach the great demon Lihem to eliminate him, and a PvP mode, so you can prove that you are the best of all time in the world in this type of game.

Like any game, this one classifies the characters by their efficiency and strength, according to their class and abilities in the different game modes. You can even get new heroes by completing quests, or you can complete the game guide to get rewards so that you can equip your heroes with the rewards obtained.

Classification of characters by classes:

  • The Forgotten The Forgotten, formed by "Hisaro", known as the killing machine and "Zyra," is able to see beyond the obvious.
  • The Legion of Doom The Legion of Doom, formed by "Focas" a guy who despises everyone, turns him into a bestial war machine. "Lucifer" has the ability to make your opponents despair in the fight and make mistakes. And last but not least, we have "Margarita," where his most powerful weapon is seduction.
  • The Sword Guards are composed of "Xia," who has incredible speed with the sword, and "Yoko," who has a sword with spirits that give her unique abilities.
  • Those who belong to the Tribe of Dragons The Dragon Tribe is made up of "Meliá," an expert in daggers, and "Vera," who will contribute with her wisdom in battles.
  • The Wise Men The Wise Ones, formed by "Lutz," where brute force and melee fighting are his specialties, and "Horus," who will not hesitate to eat you alive because, for him, his enemies are a delicacy.
  • Those of the Parliament of the Holy Light The Parliament of the Holy Light is formed by "Elaína," a judge who will not hesitate to punish those who have done harm and the impure, and "Nordak," a vigilante capable of using the power of the Gods themselves.
  • The Wizards The Wizards are made up of wizards like "Space," a rebel without a cause who uses the magic of space, "Ana," who enchants everyone with her charm and dance that will leave you immobile and "Valentin," who uses traditional magic to finish off his enemies.
  • The unnamed Brotherhood The Nameless Brotherhood, formed by "Mutu," a great hunter, "Aisha," a puppet who uses technological magic, and "Gustavo," a warrior who uses traditional armor, where his axe will turn him into a nightmare.
  • Those who belong to a class of Cults The ones who belong to a class of Cults, conformed by "Asíndo," who can control his enemies by driving them crazy, or the ability to make them sleep for eternity, and "Darío," with the ability to make people who oppose his objectives disappear.
  • And the Foresters were formed by "Luna," the queen of the forest, with the ability to control the elves of this world.

It is worth mentioning that all the aforementioned characters can also be classified as Rare, Super Rare, or Normal, so some of them will be difficult to get into the game.

The graphic interface and the background music are of very good quality, as well as the detail in the different battle arenas, making it very attractive to see and play.

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