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      Immortal Taoists, a unique Idle Game, requires us to control a Taoist to attain peace of mind and immortality by meditation.

      This game is very different from any other you've seen. You can go exploring to find resources, and you can also kill enemies. However, the main goal is to develop character and attain a higher level of spirituality. You can progress slowly and in a very relaxed manner. You must create your character and buy clothes and other items in the shop. Also, choose the story you want it to tell. This is to create all the basic characteristics of the character, such as his background as a farmer, hunter, or civilian. We can customize the character by choosing a background. Each one has slightly different statistics.

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      Although it may seem difficult to understand the interface when the game begins, the protagonist can sit down and meditate once the game has started. You can extract Qi energy from the "cultivate” button and use it to create a cultivation base. This will allow us to improve many aspects of our character by adjusting all points to be in a position to increase our psychic and physical abilities. To be able to compete against players from around the globe in a global ranking, the ultimate goal is to increase production.

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          How to PLAY Immortal Taoists on PC

          Download Immortal Taoists on PC How to run Immortal Taoists on a laptop or desktop, and how it is possible? This is actually the question requested by many individuals who...