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      Immortal Legend is a role-playing game; that is to say, it is based mainly on leveling up and improving the statistics of your heroes as you advance in the game.

      The characters you can find in the game are classified into three classes:

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      • Wizards, these are the characters with better stats and are suitable for battles; since being wizards, they don't necessarily have to fight melee against enemies, but they use special abilities such as casting spells and causing significant battle damage; they are also indispensable, since, they can heal your warriors on the battlefield and keep fighting to not fall defeated.
      • Warriors, this character, are experts in melee fighting and resistant on the battlefield.
      • Archers are characters that cause significant damage, and the advantage is that they can be at a considerable distance to launch attacks without almost being seen.

      The game system is very varied and fun since you can visit the dungeons and get their daily rewards. You can also explore passages of several towers guarded by mini-bosses that you will have to defeat. It also has a quick raid system, where you will be immediately taken to the stage to receive rewards.

      The game arena is PvP style; that is to say, you will be able to test your best warriors against those of other players worldwide to be number one. It also offers the advantage of joining guilds where you can find PvE and PvP battles and generate the deadliest troop in history.

      Remember that the battles are in automatic mode, which means that you, as a player, will mainly manage your hero, whether it is improving his skills, pumping attacks, or selecting the battle team.

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          How to PLAY Immortal Legend on PC

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