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Icon Generator Pro is a free program to generate your own icons as you wish.

Icon Generator Pro offers the possibility to customize four types of icons:

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  1. HTML5 style, to add text and image as you like; the text appears on a type of shield that can have customized colour and is located on the image;
  2. CS5style, with its shape similar to a book or folder in two versions: one to enter a text and the other to add images on the front, both are simple lines;
  3. CS4 style, a simple square with shadows to add text;
  4. A multi-pointed star with sparkles with 2.0 aesthetic, to add the desired text.

Icon Generator Pro can be downloaded and installed on your computer and can also be used directly from the browser with Internet connection.

All icons allow changing the background colours and two relief icons, as well as the text you wish to enter. The more complex and more adaptable is style HTML5, the simplest is CS4 style and the most attractive in Icon Generator Pro is the star of several tips.

Icon Generator Pro: a simple, free and very useful program for generating customized icons for applications. Generated Icons can be stored in different sizes and update Twitter avatar with an image produced by you.

by Augusto Baldi

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