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HyperCam captures different actions from Windows screen and saves them to a file.

HyperCam is a free trial software program which can capture images from Windows screen and record sounds from Windows desktop.

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HyperCam is a useful software especially for teachers or professionals who create tutorials or product demonstrations.

It is veryappropriate to use this program when you want to explain how to develop an action, step by step, as HyperCam records all actions on the screen in a .avi format video file.

This software is also useful for bloggers who create tutorials or give some advice on blogs and want to show what they post with all the movements and sounds. It can be captured full screen or only certain parts of an image.

HyperCam interface is small in size and it has six tabs from where you can define what options would you like to use. The user can edit and personalize all the options in order to meet his need.

by Augusto Baldi

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