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HJSplit is a free application to split and recombine large files for easy transfer between different media.

Sometimes we generate documents in which we are adding large number of items such as pictures, graphics and other resources that transform the document to a file too heavy. So it is with high quality images or recorded videos, which ultimately have many megabits and size makes it difficult to copied between devices. With HJSplit we may transfer files to other disks without worrying about the size of them.

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It is easier to send, receive, upload and download files or slightly smaller size, to download files with large size. To do this, HJSplit splits and recombines the large files that you can then send via email to a friend, burn them to CD or DVD, copy them to USB sticks or uploaded to a storage service in the cloud.

HJSplit is also very handy to store files and backup it in online servers, as it reduces the weight of them. This program supports files larger than 100 megabytes and can verify whether a file has been corrupted to make the transfer of it between storage units.

HJSplit is a free software that is available for free for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

by Augusto Baldi

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