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HitmanPro searches and removes all kind of malware: viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, etc.

This program is offered as a support for classic anti-virus. Software's developers name it as “second opinion anti-malware”. So it is advisable to have an antivirus installed and not rely solely on this software for the detection and removal of malware.

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When we make the installation of HitmanPro, we will be able to choose between installing it on the hard drive, or run it directly. This is a great advantage, because if we use it often in our PC, we will be able to install and access it from the desktop. However, if for example, we are in someone else's house and want to check if the PC is clean of malware, we will be able to run this program from a USB stick without having to install it on the hard disk.

We can use the program free of charge to perform the scanning for malware. In case of finding some type of malware, we will be able to apply for a registration key to use the program for 30 days without limit. So this program is a great ally for the detection of malware, because we can use the scan function for unlimited time without any kind of registration.

The software has its own to-date database of malware and viruses. If a file is unknown, this will be uploaded to software servers and will be scanned with 5 different anti-virus to check if that file is clean of malware and viruses.

We can configure the program to compress the files before uploading them to the server to be analyzed, so it will be uploaded faster. We can also check the option “use SSL” so file transfer will be encrypted and safe.

We can configure the program to make an exhaustive scan of malware. The software will look for any malware (files, registry entries, etc), that have ever existed on our PC, and delete it. We also have the option of finding and eliminating the so-called PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), which are programs, such as search bars, which are installed along with other legitimate programs.

It's possible that some kind of malware or virus make damage to the system when are removed, so this software provides the option to create a restore point every time we delete any malware.

At any moment we can schedule a PC scan, and configure it to not run when there are applications in full-screen. This way we avoid slowing down our PC whileplayng video games, or watching a video in full screen.

We can enable the option “show in context menu” to display the option “scan with HitmanPro” if we click with right button mouse on any file or folder.

The program can be used with a Proxy server, as it have the menu to enter the data of the Proxy that we use on our PC.

If we use VirusTotal service, we can introduce our API key, and the software automatically sends the scanned file to VirusTotal scanning service.

Although promoted as a “second opinion anti-amlware”, the high rate of detected malwares and viruses, along with the effectiveness of eliminating such threats, make this program a must-have for those who want to keep a clean PC.

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