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HexAssistant is a program that allows to see and to modify the content of files in format hexadecimal.

With the system of hexadecimal numeration (base 16) it is possible to decrease chains of binary code, due to the fact that in order to represent 8 bits (a chain of 8 digits in binary system) just 2 hexadecimals digits are needed.

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With HexAssistant you will be able to import structures from your files in C or C , and to see them clearly with this editor. The used source is customizable. HexAssistant also can open other files in hexadecimal mode to modify them or to copy the code to the clipboard and to use it as source for C or Java.

To have a control of the modifications HexAssistant highlights out the modified data, and it allows carrying out undo o redo unlimited operations.

An useful characteristic of HexAssistant is the search option that allows to find the variables in each file, for example its hexadecimal name and value code. It also allows to compare files and to show the differences, to generate sum operations of verification and to interpret the values in different order: Little Endian or Big Endian.

If you feel more comfortable working with other numeric systems, HexAssistant translates the information in hexadecimal code to decimals values, making even easier its interpretation and modification.

by Augusto Baldi

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