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HeidiSQL is a small but potent tool well-known as "interface graph", which is very used to play the programmer's roll.

This application allows us to have a great handling on the computer database, having the option of negotiating data charts, making consultations, importing files, carrying out changes between two different data charts, and even standing out the different commands presented with different colors.

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All the users that develop and create web pages, they can be given for very well served when making use of this simple and practical tool, since it will benefit them to carry out different operations in the running of HeidiSQL.

HeidiSQL presents a nice interface, simple and with all necessary tools. The window in that all the operations are developed is small, appropriate for their functions and without necessity of being to have an extravagant volume, however, you can make of this window a bigger one throwing of the right lower part.

When start running HeidiSQL, you will meet with the option "New", to begin with a new session. Later you will be able to give it the name you want and to carry out some changes presented in the panel located at the right part of the window, with the possibility of providing it a Password, user, the port, SSL options changes and even the statistics view.

Exporting SQL, data and charts to formats as CSV, XML or HTML; in short, a great variety of options and alternatives to run using this graphic interface: HeidiSQL.

by Augusto Baldi

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