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HDD Regenerator is a tool that repairs and restores hard drive's damaged sectors.

Usually, when a hard disk fails is because hard disk has sectors (parts of the disc) with errors and are not usable. Most software for data recovery and repair of disks on the market, marked as defective sector and leave it unusable. So the computer knows that this sector is damaged and does not save data on it, so our information is always stored in healthy sectors. HDD Regenerator goes a step further and tries to recover bad sectors, making it a healthy sector. This uses a data recovery technology developed by the program author Dmitriy Primochenko.

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The program works on any hard disk, since it looks at the disk physical level, ignoring completely the file system, so we can use it on disks with FAT32, NTFS, Ext3, Ext4, etc, partitions, and of course on hard drives unformatted or unpartitioned.

This software analyzes the hard disk sector by sector in search of bad sectors, trying to recover the damaged or defective physical sector (magnetic). If it can recover the bad sector, not only it retrieves the information contained in this area, that also make the sector healthy and available for use by the system. It's done without any risk of losing information, thanks to the way in which the program performs the repair.

An important note about the program is that once bad sectors are recovered, it is possible that other programs still detecting these sectors as defective. This is due to how handle the information the other programs. So if those programs detect incorrectly the new sectors, we will have to repartition the hard disk.

HDD Regenerator has been in the market more than 10 years and tested their effectiveness to recover and repair sectors on countless occasions. The software is paid, but offers a demo in which we can scan our hard drives completely and see the errors. In addition the program will try to recover a bad disk sector, so we can test if software can helps us to repair the damaged sectors on our hard drive.

Here you can download demo version and test the functionality of HDD Regenerator. 

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