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Nothing is what it seems.

Happy Wheels is a curious name, true, but it has nothing to do with the game. However, if you are a lover of other people's accidents, this game is made especially for you, but if your idea is to entertain your children, you would probably want to look for another game.

The game consists of going through obstacles, something out of this world, where if you make a wrong step, you will see a bloody tragedy as the game leaves nothing to the imagination because its graphics are totally violent at the time of visualizing the accident caused. You aim to make our character reach the finish line safely and sound.

But this game will not make it so easy for you since there are almost impossible levels to overcome. Indeed, it seems that you are going through a minefield, and every step you take can be deadly.

Currently, the game has more than 200,000 levels. Why are there so many? The answer is simple because it allows you to create your own levels where other players can participate.

To create the levels, the game provides you with a level editor with obstacles and very rare objects, where you can publish them to the server so that other users can automatically access them.

Another aspect for which the game has been a boom is that it is completely free, although, like any free game, it has ads , so we will not be able to get rid of all of them.

The characters you will have at your disposal to play with are a "hobo in a wheelchair," "a person riding a lawn mower," and "2-person bicycles" even something very disturbing is to see "Santa Claus," who, instead of using reindeer for his sleigh, uses the elves from his toy factory instead.

Surprisingly this game has been the boom among fans because I'm not going to lie, it gets kind of funny to see how your character suffers misfortunes on purpose because of you.

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    How to PLAY Happy Wheels on PC

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