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Hamachi allows the creation of Virtual Private Networks via the Internet.

Thanks to the fact that Internet connections are becoming faster and better, we can share data and documents in a more simple way. Caution should be used when sharing data between computers via the Internet, because these data can be “stolen” by someone with sufficient knowledge. In these situations arises the concept of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, which encrypts data flowing between computers that are part of this Network.

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Hamachi allows VPN networks creation on the Internet. This means that we can connect to other computers securely and share all kinds of data without having to worry about security. We can say that this program creates a LAN (Local Area Network) that can connect computers located in any part of the globe. Instead of having a LAN connected with RJ45 cables, we will have a LAN connected using the infrastructure of the Internet connection. All data of the LAN created with Hamachi, will be encrypted and “travel” safely.

We can use this program to create a new network or join an existing one. This program is often used to share files securely between computers connected through the Internet, play online games that allow connections from the local area, or to share peripherals, such as printers, webcams, etc., via the Internet.

The usage is simple. For example, if we want to create a Local Area Network (LAN) for play online a video game, we have to open the program and create a new network. To create a new network we have to assign it a name and password. Once we've created the network, we can provide to our friends the network ID and password. Our friends must install Hamachi and use the option to “Join an existing network”, enter network's ID and password that we have provided. Now, our friends, and we are joined to the same network, so the only remaining thing is to enter in the video game the IP of the computer that is going to act as server. We can see our PC's IP in Hamachi's interface, located next to the button “On/Off”.

The program includes a chat tool that we can use to talk with the components of the network.

The free version of this program supports up to 5 computers connected to the same network. If we want to expand the number of computers per network, we need to acquire some of the subscriptions which are available on the official website of the program. In addition, paid version allows us to manage our network from a web browser and access them from any computer, without having to install Hamachi server.

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