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      Guardians of Cloudia MMORPG will take you to an amazing world of fantasy and magic. Our mission will be to help people, protect Cloudia and participate in adventures, missions and assist others while we improve and level up our skills. The gameplay is varied and includes 5 classes. There are many characters you can choose from. There are five classes to choose from Rogue (Archer), Mage, Oracle, and Swordsman. Each class has its own gameplay and unique characteristics.

      Each class has a different role in the fighting. It's important to consider which class you choose when playing with a team. While we can acquire more skills as we go along, it is impossible to change the main character. As the game progresses, we will have the ability to develop our heroes through two paths, up to 10 specializations and meet new people, and create teams that will help us accomplish our missions.

      One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the ability to use certain species of pets. These pets can be used as a decorative element, as well as being essential elements during the fighting. They also have magical abilities that grant characters unique abilities such as speed and increased damage. It doesn't have an intricate story, but it does offer a lot of entertainment.

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          How to PLAY Guardians of Cloudia on PC

          Download Guardians of Cloudia on PC How to have fun Guardians of Cloudia on a laptop or desktop and the way it runs? That's definitely all the concern asked about...