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Grand Theft Auto 2 is a classic video game that has as main objective, to complete dangerous fringes of law missions.

The history is developed in the city’s underworld, where the main character will need to steal automobiles, make attacks against the police, steal banks, combat rival gangs and many more criminal activities to be accepted inside a criminal organization.
Grand Theft Auto 2 went out to the market in 1997 in two dimensions format with great playing characteristics, character's manoeuvrability, sounds atmosphere and characters' excellent dialogues.

The main Grand Theft Auto 2 thematic is driving through the city with automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles that can be stolen to move freely through the streets in moments where should accomplish missions to win some money and criminal status ( respect).

In Grand Theft Auto 2 is not enough only stealing and making money; it is necessary to be outstanding with the Police that with rigor and slyness looks for "criminals" to arrest. On the other hand, the game’s structure offers us infinite possibilities: one of them is to create our own criminals gang that will protect us along our enemies zone.

When we play Grand Theft Auto 2 we can meet several criminal gangs that will try the impossible to kill us or to avoid the execution of an important mission.

by Augusto Baldi

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