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GNU Typing Trainer is a practical tool for all the typists, editors or simply people that write enough with the keyboard of the computer.

This application consists on a series of lessons which are created to develop the motive ability of the fingers and the hands, so that, this way, you can write with great speed and as much as possible, without any mistake.

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GNU Typing Trainer has a quite simple interface and with a lot of design lack, anyway it is the important thing they are the tests that you will be able to present with this application. The lessons offered in GNU Typing Trainer are divided in different levels: beginner (Beginer), half (Medium) and advanced (Advanced); obviously each representing different and appropriate levels of difficulty for all kinds of users.

Among the most excellent characteristics offered in GNU Typing Trainer it can be the information that is given when concluding each lesson, indicating the maximum of speed, and the error percentage. Besides, this in the inferior panel of the interface of this application, you will be able to read the explanation of the position of the fingers to maintain a more ergonomic and more comfortable posture when making use of the keyboard. In the upper panel you will be able to see the letters or numbers that you have to press until finishing the exam.

GNU Typing Trainer is an excellent tool for the writing practice with the computer keyboard and obviously to manage a level of excellent difficulty.

by Augusto Baldi

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