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If you like creating your own animated icons, GIF Movie Gear is the application you want.

Due to its intuitive interface and its powerful capabilities, professional level of this program is useful for graphic designers and those working with animations.

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GIF Movie Gear can work easily with multiple scenes, controlling all aspects of animation, rapidly changing the timeline, and import and export files to or from a variety of formats.

With his function LiveEdit can directly alter a scene or animation complete (in a manner similar to the layers of Photoshop) using the image editor of your preference. Changes made, will be displayed automatically in Gif Movie Gear. The hearing "before and after" will help you to maintain a small file generated, without affecting the image quality of the animation.

In addition, GIF Movie Gear also serves to create icons for Windows Vista or XP, with an amazing quality. If necessary, you can import files directly into Photoshop PSD format.

GIF Movie Gear is the best tool to compile 24-bit icons, including the possibility of applying gentle transparencies. Their online manuals and guides provide information for developing simple, to help beginners and advanced users to create icons and toolbars professionals.

by Augusto Baldi

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