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Geemail is a program or application to make easier accessing your Gmail account, besides of working with an interface of Gmail’s web page.

With this practical tool you could access your Gmail without being connected and with the possibility of downloading the files you have in your mail in a quicker way. Geemail maybe doesn’t offer the exact same functions that offers Gmail, but some of the most necessary ones. From this application you could write a mail without being connected and leave it as “sent”, once you have web connection, it will be automatically detected and instantly send.

Geemail screenshot

In a sharpest summary, it is possible to say that Geemail is a heir of Gmail to make easier the task of uploading mails that take too long, which is very boring; with Geemail downloads will have an unique speed saving a lot of time.

This virtual helper and Gmail clone will make your mail review a simple daily event, quick and without any complications when downloading files. Its main feature is automatic connection detection to send previously written mails that weren’t sent.

Geemail will be the tool that will help a lot your daily reviews.

by Augusto Baldi

Operating Systems