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Gates Of Skeldal is an action role game.

Gates Of Skeldal is a role-playing game only available in the Czech language, which makes it difficult at the beginning to understand the mechanics of the game and to get training.

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Once you have downloaded the executable file and installed it onto your computer, the next step is to click on the shortcut icon on your desktop. During the installation, which is also executed in Czech, click always on the button on the right and this way Gates Of Skeldal will be installed onto your PC without any trouble.

Once you have launched the game you will see a screen with three options: the first one for the game (Spustit), the second one for the screen adjustment options, video and audio (Nastavení), and the third one for exiting the application (Konec).

Click on the first screen to enter the game. You should have in mind that every time you click with the right mouse button a screen will open asking if you want to go back to the previous interface. If you click on the left option it means YES and if you click on the right one means No.

Once you have entered Gates Of Skeldal interface, by clicking on NOVA HRA, the first thing you have to do is to customize the characters that will make the trip on this adventure. In the beginning, the characters are three and they have different values assigned to the power, the art of magic, the mobility and the dexterity they have. The game offers you five bonus points for you to increase the ability you choose. You are able to do this by clicking on the first tab (there are four altogether) which is at the right button.

Once you have done this with three characters the option START HRY that leads to the game becomes available. Already in the game, you will see that for moving through the scenarios you have to use the device that is at the right button. To take the gadgets you have to use the icons at the top of the game screen.

In the different scenarios, you move through you will have to find objects and assign them to each character, open doors to enter to other places and defeat the opponents you find with those objects.

Gates Of Skeldal’s story is based on the belief that an ancient evil legend will devour this and other worlds of Rovenland Island. However, a group of renegades from the University of Magic, which are the characters of the game, do not resign themselves and will try to save the world from the evil prophecy.

The great Gates Of Skeldal’s limitation is the Czech language and regarding playability, the restriction is placed by the device that allows moving in six directions only.

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