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Garena CyberCafe Alliance is an international gaming community. The software is a virtual cyber cafe that you can play online with other users a multitude of online games.

Garena CyberCafe Alliance is a multifunction gaming interactive platform. This platform will let you interact and communicate with other gamers, set up matches and live your favorite battles online against millions of players around the world.

The Garena CyberCafe Alliance platform is also a community of gamers: a huge Internet café where will you not only be able to compete, but also be able to connect with other gamers and friends.

By logging in to Garena CyberCafe Alliance you will find, in the center of the screen, games and different options to set up matches and start playing. To the left, a menu that leads you to games, profile information, available forums and help. To the right you will find your avatar and your connection status, as well as your online friends and, below, the essential tools to administer the messages.

A huge variety of war and shutting games, racing and speed, as well as games where you will create civilizations and empires, are waiting for you in Garena CyberCafe Alliance.

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Xfire is a program that fuses, in a quite creative way, instant messaging application with video games. It is this way, thanks to this program you will be able to enjoy your favorite video games, without skipping the chat rooms...