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Game of Khans is a role-playing game where your main objective is to build an empire in epic battles with other dynasties, take over their lands, and train future heirs who will rule your lands.

To become the Supreme King, you must get vital resources such as coins, food, and woo queens from other lands. Another fundamental aspect that you must take into account is to assemble a group of very large advisors; since they will help you with the task of controlling the villages that you conquer, they will always be alert before the arrival of any enemy to your territory. They will defend it thanks to the enormous attribute of collective power that they possess.

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Among these advisors' characteristics, we have the following: Strength , Intelligence , Survival, and Charisma . The latter can get more soldiers for your little axis and convince them to fight with you.

Another additional fact is that you can form your heirs by making two types of visits in the game: "Accidental Visit" or "Personal Visit." You have less chance to create heirs if there is an accidental visit. It would be advisable to personally visit the concubine since the game gives you more chances of having heirs and several experiences to level up faster.

If you get an heir, the game has missions or tasks you must fulfill to make them go through the natural process until they become worthy warriors.

The Good

Like any other game, the graphics of this type, the sound, and the effects transport you to that time, making the game more enjoyable.

The Bad

In the beginning, you get a little confused about the plot since many things tell you what to do or what you can not do, so it is somewhat difficult to understand.

You have to use most of the game objects with real money if you want your heirs to increase to have them ready for the attack.

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