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FRAG Pro Shooter, a shooter-genre game, allows players to compete online against one another in a 1 vs.1 duel. Each player will be using a team consisting of five heroes with different skills and techniques. Each hero has a unique role and position that will impact their actions.

Some avatars are skilled in ranged attacks, while others specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Others serve as support characters for the team. One hero can be controlled at a given time, but the player can switch between them during the course of a game. The player can use the other heroes, but they will not move or attack. It all depends on where they are located. The dead heroes will reappear after a while, unlike other games. The goal of the game is not to get more deaths. Instead, each player must weaken the enemy towers in their area and defend their towers.

The game ends when all towers of a player are destroyed or the time runs out. In the latter case, who did the most damage to the towers is the winner. You can unlock the characters and upgrade them using power cards or the rewards from the reward chests. It's the variety of characters and how the player interacts with them that make the game fun.

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    How to PLAY FRAG Pro Shooter on PC

    Download FRAG Pro Shooter on PC How to run FRAG Pro Shooter on a computer, and the way it is possible? That's truly the main matter requested by numerous people...