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InnoGames has developed Forge of Empires, a strategy 2D video game. You play as the authority in a small town and work your way up to building a powerful empire. You must develop your base and look after the economy. Diplomacy is a key tool to aid it in its growth. Rely on military might to subdue the enemy when necessary.

The Forge of Empires base-building component is very diverse. You start in the Stone Age with very few resources. You will need to collect more resources by either placing production houses or participating in PvE quests.

As you progress through the ages of Bronze Age, Iron Age, and middle ages to a rich industrial age, you will be able to see how your civilization has changed. The concept is similar to that found in Age of Empires, but it moves at a slower pace and is more detailed.

Forge of Empires allows you to experience multiplayer combats in turn-based PvP battles. You tap and move your units across the map to create a combat system. This makes it quite challenging to play.


  • Move through the ages to make your village an empire
  • Play with economy and resources
  • Lead the army to victory in battle
  • You will experience highly tactical combat
  • Fight AI and human players
  • Wherever possible, choose diplomacy or trade
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    How to PLAY Forge of Empires on PC

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