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FooTab is an extension for Google Chrome and Chromium browsers, which disables automatic tab loading when the browser starts.

It is likely that you have enabled the "Continue where I left off" option in Chrome/Chromium browser. This option allows us to recover the tabs that were opened in the last browser session. That is to say, if we close the browser with 5 tabs opened, the next time the browser is launched, it will open these 5 tabs automatically.

This option is a great advantage, because we will be able to continue easily and quickly where we left it last time.
The only drawback of this option is that if we have a lot of tabs opened, all of them will be loaded whe the web browser is launched. This is not a problem if the last session we opened 5 tabs or less, but if we open a lot of tabs, we will have to wait until all tabs are loaded.
This means that when we start the browser, we are loading tabs that perhaps we do not use at that session, and therefore consuming more memory than needed.

To solve this problem arises the extension FooTab, which will prevent loading browser tabs when it is launched.
The operation of this program is simple, once installed, when we launch the browser, this extension will block for 10 seconds all the tabs in the browser. After those 10 seconds, we will be able to click on any tab to load the content of that tab.

When we click on a tab that has been blocked by the program, the following message will appear: “This webpage was blocked by an extension”. This indicates that the extension is working OK and has blocked the content of that tab.
Just by clicking on the tab we want to navigate, it reloads the content after a few seconds. If the content of a tab is not reloaded, we have to press “Reload this page” button, or press F5 key on keyboard.

The function of only load the tabs that we use is known as “Lazy Load”, and in other browsers, such as Firefox, come configured by default, so that when we open the browser, it only load the active tab, blocking the load of the other tabs.

This extension can not be installed in the Windows Chrome browser due to the installation policy of extensions on Windows, which only allows the installation of extensions that comes from the Chrome Web Store.

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