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Flash Disinfector is a powerful search engine and virus remover that swarm the global network and is transmitted through one of the most used and most visited means by all searchers and internet surfers.

The flash videos. Many times flash videos can be transmitting different types of viruses without prompting, to the point of damaging the computer.
Logically, any user doesn’t like to have to reformat completely the computer because of a simple virus.

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Flash Disinfector is an excellent antivirus which takes care of all worms, Trojans or viruses as VBS_RESULOWS.A W32/Perlovga, eliminating and avoiding an infection on your computer.

Hackers are the main authors of these virtual misfortunes, since they are who are in charge of introducing malicious code to videos bringing an infection due to any users who play videos.

Flash Disinfector precisely has as main task endding up with this misery for thousands of users, because the videos are one of the main reasons why people go to the global network.

Several of these videos can be detected early. When you access a Flash video and the video is loaded without even clicking on "Play", this is already a symptom of infection and the time is right to run Flash Disinfector.

by Augusto Baldi

Operating Systems