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Fishing Clash 3D simulation game. You play as a fisherman and simulate real-life fishing.

You control a rod and use strategy to catch fish. As your first fishing ground, you start at the beach. The only weapon you have for the game is your rod.

To control the rod, tap on the screen and swipe right and left to select it. Then reel it up and down by reeling it. You will be able to play with multiple rods. Each rod has different power, which can be measured by starting from 1 to 5. A rod with more power is more effective for fishing. An achievement can earn you awards that will allow you to upgrade your rod.

Let's move on to the fun part, fishing. After you've dropped your rod, wait for the fish to come up to you. Each fish has a certain number of health points. To catch the fish, the goal is to reduce the health points to zero. This can be achieved by keeping the fish intact and the hook attached while maintaining a tight tension on the string.

As your level increases, you will unlock almost 16 different fishing spots. Fishing Clash is a realistic simulation of real fishing with 3D graphics. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy this game.


  • Simulate real fishing
  • Upgrade your rods by playing with them
  • 16 stunning locations
  • Fish for different types of fish, such as trout and catfish
  • High-tactical gameplay that demands patience and timing
  • Join other players in PvP to play a time rush
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    How to PLAY Fishing Clash on PC

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