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FileNanny is a small tool to maintain your computer documents and files with similar names grouped and correctly organized.

FileNanny installation is null, because you only have to download it and run the application icon directly. Once you run it, you will meet with a small window that doesn't offer a lot of manageability but only three tabs located in a horizontal bar, where you can set configurations, options changes and the "Autoarchive" option so that each folder created, go immediately to same hard disk place, the one that your you indicate and the one that you believe is more appropriate.

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FileNanny, in spite of seeming to have a weak design and without many options, its function is excellent and very simple, it is not needed to be an expert in the computer science to be able to make use of this sophisticated tool. When FileNanny is running one will be able to visualize it in its desktop tools bar represented by its singular reddish tone icon, where you will be able to pause the Script or to suspend the Hotkeys giving right click on the icon and chosing the respective option.

FileNanny is a quite comfortable grouping and order alternative, so that you carry out all its functions without any complication type.

by Augusto Baldi

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