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FileMon is a program that shows information on the files that are being executed in the operating system.

FileMon monitorizes and shows information in real time on the activity of the filing system of a computer. Its advanced capacities make FileMon a powerful tool to observe the way in which Windows works, seeing how the applications use the files and the DLLs, or making a follow-up of the problems of the system or the configuration files of the applications.

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FileMon has the capacity to show the exact date (hour, minute, second) in which an action happens: open, read, write or erase.

FileMon is very easy to use, you will be a single expert in minutes. As soon as the application is sent, it will begin to monitorize. The exit by screen can be kept in a file for its later visualization. It has the capacity to search and to filter results

by Augusto Baldi

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