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Fiabee Sync is a Chrome application that allows you manage all your files directly from the web.

Fiabee Sync is very intuitive and allows you manage all your files across all your devices in an easy and quick way, even when offline.

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Fiabee Sync allows you to:

  • Create folders and upload files.
  • Access, search and share files stored across all devices.
  • Send files directly to your Android with a simple drag-and-drop in your Chrome browser.
  • Capture images on the Internet and upload them to Fiabee.
  • Select files as favorites to be downloaded and synchronized with the server.
  • Share your files through links sent by e-mail.
  • Share files through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Integrate Fiabee Sync into Google Docs to view your Office and PDF files from your Chrome browser.

Fiabee Sync does a selective synchronization to exchange only the necessary information and thus, optimizing the use of hard disks storage resources and the equipment connection to the Internet.

by Augusto Baldi

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