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Fate/Grand Order is a multiplayer online role-playing game in which you must and can collect and summon spirits of warriors who travel through timelines to maintain order in this world.

This game was designed by Delightworks and released on June 25, 2017. The game is set in the Fate universe, where there are several playable modes, but the attraction is the campaign mode, as you are told the story of each character as you progress. Each mode has two types of missions that you must complete:

  1. Scene Mission: here, you can get several rewards by completing each of these; yes, you can only get them by playing only once.
  2. Common Mission: In this mission, we will be able to farm our characters as many times as possible since they remain active, and you can play them repeatedly to get the rewards.

The game's dynamics are elementary; you start as the leader of a group of 6 heroes, with unique skills and stats, depending on the type of classes you belong to.

Another aspect that I would like to highlight is the type of currency that exists within the game, such as:

  • Quartz, which allows us to recruit various characters.

  • Particles, which are explicitly used to evolve, provide better stats or skills to our favorite character and make him lethal on the battlefield.

  • Prisms, which are, like our money, to buy resources within the game.

  • R Premiums is the same as the previous one; only this one allows us to buy unique rarity items within the game.

  • Friendship points are the ones that interest us since, with these, we can summon our warriors on the battlefield.

Special Summoning with dark circles allows us to summon our best warrior to the battlefield, who has a very high level.

The Good

Specular graphics and sounds.

Excellent effects.

There is a significant number of characters that you can obtain and collect.

The Bad

The Gatcha payment system can be a problem since it is the typical "pay to win."

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